What is a “salt room”

“Salt room” - is a room in which walls, floor and ceiling are finished with salt and salt bricks.  It is a unique room for sanitation and relaxation in the conditions of comfortable refined interior design with useful salt micro-climate

Modern “salt” technologies allow to create such  micro-climate of salt mines with rehabilitation purposes in sanatoriums and health centers, in offices, in sports clubs aimed for any age category, in medical centers, in hotels, cafes and restaurants, SPA and Wellness-centers, and also in private houses.

To have a “salt-room” is becoming a good taste.

Special atmosphere of a salt room will allow you to forget about everyday worries, relax and deepen into the world of healthy pleasures. Pleasant music, light illumination, special design, comfortable soft chairs and unique healing micro-climate will give you lots of pleasure. Here you will feel comfortable and at ease.

Air in the salt room does not irritate eyes and does not smell. Useful components get into the body via lungs increasing metabolism, improving blood and lymph circulation.

At the moment it is popular and trendy to improve people’s health without any medicines.

The main indications for using the salt room are:

  • Asthma, chronic bronchitis with an asthmatic component;
  • Allergies
  • Dystonia
  • Skin diseases: psoriasis and neurodermatitis

The micro-climate of salt rooms helps as well in:

  • Recovery and purification of the respiratory tract on the whole
  • Improvement of metabolism
  • Increasing immunity, preventing respiratory diseases
  • Reducing stress and improving the psycho-emotional state
  • Improving  the condition of the nervous system and general well-being
  • Increasing mental and physical performance
  • Better sleep

Micro-climate of salt caves, saturated by ionized salt has healing and prophylactic properties.

It was noticed long time ago that people who work or often stay in salt mines environment are as if “charged” by special biological energy. Feeling of tiredness leaves their body, blood pressure normalizes, headaches do not disturb any more. And the most importantly – people suffering from lung diseases, after their first visit to the salt-room, already notice improvements – they notice termination of asthma attacks, start breathing freely and the fear of another asthma attack stops chasing them. In the basis of speleotherapy there lies response of the body to the irritating effect of salt aerosol to the bronchial mucosa of pulmonary system. That is why speleotherapy can be seen in the lists of SPA-procedures. Inhalation of fine aerosols (negative ions) inhibits the multiplication of microorganisms in the respiratory tract, preventing the development of inflammation, improves bronchial reactivity, contributes to thinning and removal of phlegm.

10-15 visits to a salt-room (30-50 minutes every time) are in their healing effect equal to holidays by the sea or in the mountains. Every year millions of people all over the world visit sea resorts with the purpose of treatment lung diseases and allergies.

Salt is so easy available that not many people know and realize how much important and useful it is for human’s life. Wonderful properties since ancient  times have been attributed to mysterious salt crystals.

Belief in magic action of salt was so strong, that for many peoples salt became the sign of hospitality, richness and wisdom, talisman of happiness.

Now, when most people live in big cities with extremely polluted  atmosphere, pure air becomes rare pleasure. Bearing in mind significant deterioration of the ecology, unique treatment methods based on the healing powers of nature become of more interest. 
Use the wisdom of our predecessors – magic coming from salt crystals, and create healthy air environment in your home.
Salt will bring you a piece of sea and refresh your memories about pleasant holidays.

“Salt cave” complex will allow you to create your own resort.

Salt room can be used as the room of psychological relaxation or just like a room for resting. It is an efficient method of illness prevention for those who have  hazardous work conditions. Here we have a beneficial effect of salt microclimate, particular perception of time and biofeedback with the biorhythms of the body, behavioral responses to simulated geometry of space.

Important factor which determines therapeutic properties of the salt room is practically complete absence of allergens in the air, including allergens of microbial origin.

Air in the “salt cave”  is enriched with ions of sodium chloride and other micro-elements important for our health.

Modern salt technologies is an opportunity to create sanatorium conditions in your home or at work. Modern design of speleorooms, special salt properties, inherent only to this wonderful material, give you special unique and incomparable experience while at a salt room. 

Practicality and opportunity to use them both with private and business purposes  opens wide horizons for speleotherapy.

Salt room will vary already existing list of services in your SPA center and will attract bigger amount of new clients, will increase prestige and exclusivity of your salon in the eyes of customers in the highly competitive market. It is a wonderful way to make your business more profitable and successful.

Salt room montage is possible in practically any room, and simple maintenance gives opportunity to use it at any enterprise.

Today we create little islands of pure air. And salt bricks play the role of new building material. To make finishing out of salt bricks and blocks is possible in any room where any contact with water is excluded.

One of the ideal placing of the salt room – in the country-side cottage. Here you can play cards, speak, listen to the music, read. In all cases – room micro-climate without your even noticing it will be working to improve your health. Salt blocks fit in any interior and make the house not only more beautiful but improve health of its inhabitants. Salt room at home is everlasting source of fresh air, health island in which both kids and adults breath easy. Salt bricks can change the space and fill in the house aura with warmth.

It is prestigious for your office to have room for rest with healing effect.

To visit salt room is efficient in breaks or after sauna. Here you can relax in unusual atmosphere, release stress and improve your health.

We create SALT masterpieces!

In a salt room you will enjoy coolness and freshness of a real salubrious healing salt air!

Health is your best investment!

Do not leave care for your health until tomorrow!

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